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The Rats of G.I.M. is Now Available!

The kickstarter has concluded successfully, and Dark-Platypus Studio is pleased to announce that our new adventure module The Rats of GIM is now available for purchase in our online store! Get it right here:

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The Rats of G.I.M is a 1st-2nd level adventure for the Mutant Crawl Classic RPG published by Goodman Games.

Your band of Seekers come upon a village that has been beset by a strange plague. The affected villagers are suffering from bizarre out-of-control mutations and eventual madness, and they need you to help. You must track a new breed of bizarre mutant rat back to their source, a long-hidden laboratory of the Ancients. In this underground ruin your Seekers will face many horrifying challenges as they race against time to find a cure for a plague that could threaten all of Terra A.D.

The Rats of G.I.M. Kickstarter features a 48-page full color 8-1/2”x 11” softcover adventure module and includes access to a PDF of printable battle maps. The Mutant Mayhem Minis line of pewter gaming figures has also been expanded with models specific to this adventure to really kick it up a notch.

Fight back vs the plague, act now!

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Spawn of Slundermush: A 5th Edition Bestiary

slundermush diorama

As part of the Recent Dragon Frog Kickstarter, Dark-Platypus Studios has created a FREE bestiary of the
monstrous models that were created for the project. Included are 5th Edition stats for Vengathiri, The
Dragon Frog herself, and a variety of her minions. The models themselves will be coming to the website
in the near future, but you can grab all the cool stats right now!

Just hit the download button below!