The MAGNA-MAP is back in stock!

Back during the heady days of 4th Edition D&D, we had a wonderful product known as the Magna-Map Combat Grid. This wonderful flexible battle-map could be rolled up and taken with you to any game, had a superior wipe-off surface that would work with wet-erase or dry-erase markers…and best of all was MAGNETICALLY RECEPTIVE! Like a refrigerator: it didn’t have a charge itself, but all magnets would stick to it. This made it incredibly handy for setting up little magnetic status flags

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The Rats of G.I.M. is Now Available!

The kickstarter has concluded successfully, and Dark-Platypus Studio is pleased to announce that our new adventure module The Rats of GIM is now available for purchase in our online store!

Click this article to see the link or find it in the RPG SHOP under Books & Modules!

This book is a labor of love, with 48 pages of adventure lavishly illustrated with full-color artwork throughout!

Your Seekers must track a new breed of bizarre mutant rat back to their source, a long-hidden laboratory of the Ancients. In this underground ruin your Seekers will face many horrifying challenges as they race against time to find a cure for a plague that could threaten all of Terra A.D.

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slundermush diorama

Spawn of Slundermush: A 5th Edition Bestiary

As part of the Recent Dragon Frog Kickstarter, Dark-Platypus Studios has created a FREE bestiary of themonstrous models that were created for the project. Included are 5th Edition stats for Vengathiri, TheDragon Frog herself, and a variety of her minions. The models themselves will be coming to the websitein the near future, but you can grab all the cool stats right now! Just hit the download button below!

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ellicoth photo 1

Free 3D Model: The Ellicoth for Starfinder

A while back we gave Starfinder a try. It didn’t really stick but was fun for a while, and I had a good time making some custom monsters to up the cool factor on the gaming table. This guy, the Ellicoth, is perhaps the most awesome of those things. I can’t really ever sell him, because he’s their IP…but I can give him away! The stl files to print this model are available on Thingiverse at the link below. He was printed

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The Rats of G.I.M. Kickstarter coming soon

Is the quarantine getting you down? Wish you could just sock it to the pandemic? Dark-Platypus Studio has a new adventure that lets you fight back vs a mutation-causing plague of the Ancients with The Rats of G.I.M. The Rats of G.I.M is a 1st-2nd level adventure for the Mutant Crawl Classic RPG published by Goodman Games. Your band of Seekers come upon a village that has been beset by a strange plague. The affected villagers are suffering from bizarre out-of-control mutations

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NEW PRODUCTS LISTED All of the figures from the successful Mutant Mayhem Minis kickstarter have now been added to the webstore, and are available for immediate purchase. Also, Tentaclopses, which somehow didn’t get relisted a while back, have also been thrown up there. A few other changes have happened behind the scenes, like: –Hey! The checkout and shipping systems have been repaired, so you can actually buy this stuff! I’m excited that we have a new Web Guy on board to help

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Mutant Mayhem Minis Kickstarter is Done

The kickstarter succesfully wrapped up on Oct 16, and progress is well underway on bringing this awesome line of post-apocalyptic minis to all our backers and fans! If you missed the kickstarter, but still want to get in on the action, you can now PREORDER here on and get the same great deals! Check it out here: Mutant Mayhem Minis Pre-Order   __

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Check out the Mutant Mayhem Minis Kickstarter, now running!!

This great miniatures set features a collection of 15 player characters and a bunch of cool monsters, all compatible with Mutant Crawl Classics! This rpg by Goodman games has an awesome old-school ‘Gamma World’ feel, and these minis really capture that. We’re in our closing days, and have already unlocked several very cool Stretch Goals. Come help us unlock some more! Mutant Mayhem Minis Kickstarter

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