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Spawn of Slundermush: A 5th Edition Bestiary

slundermush diorama

As part of the Recent Dragon Frog Kickstarter, Dark-Platypus Studios has created a FREE bestiary of the
monstrous models that were created for the project. Included are 5th Edition stats for Vengathiri, The
Dragon Frog herself, and a variety of her minions. The models themselves will be coming to the website
in the near future, but you can grab all the cool stats right now!

Just hit the download button below!

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Free 3D Model: The Ellicoth for Starfinder

ellicoth photo 1

A while back we gave Starfinder a try.

It didn’t really stick but was fun for a while, and I had a good time making some custom monsters to up the cool factor on the gaming table.

This guy, the Ellicoth, is perhaps the most awesome of those things. I can’t really ever sell him, because he’s their IP…but I can give him away!

The stl files to print this model are available on Thingiverse at the link below. He was printed on an FDM printer, at 100 or 200 micron resolution (I can’t remember, it was like a couple years ago), primed with auto filler primer to smooth him out, and then painted up with airbrush and regular brushwork. I think I went from idea to finished piece in like 3 days, and yes, he did make an impressive sight on the gaming table! Anyways, enjoy the free model, and if you print one up, please share some pics with me!!