1 Tentaclops-$7.00

Set of 3 Tentaclopses -$17.99

28mm scale multi-part pewter miniatures. Medium-sized (1″) black acrylic bases included.


Tentaclopses are a primitive monster race, favoring one big central eye as opposed to other races binocular vision. They also feature a giant mouth in their stomach, so the victims they consume can get digested faster, and are able to operate simple tools and weapons thanks to their three very prehensile tentacles.

Details: This is a set containing 3 different Tentaclops miniatures, all cast in lead-free pewter. Each has a unique body, with glue one tentacles holding double axes or swords. Black acrylic laser-cut slotta bases are also included. When ordering only 1 Tentaclops, the selection is random. For absolute highest quality, all metal parts are spin-cast. Painting and assembly required.

Sculpted by Andrew Barlow

Painted by Erica King and Andrew Barlow


Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 1 in

1 Tentaclops, Set of 3 Tentaclopses


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