Greater Tentaclops


$34.99 each

28mm scale resin miniature. Includes a Large sized (2″) black acrylic base, and a Huge (3″) black acrylic base.


The Greater Tentaclops is a  mutant cousin to the regular Tentaclops, and they can usually be found ruling over a small tribe of them. It is believed that the biggest strongest bully among any Tentaclops tribe gets the bulk of the food, and simply never stops growing. Greater Tentaclopses tend to be dim-witted and brutish, and will use the threat of violence to try to solve almost any problem (especially PC’s!). The Greater Tentaclops model can stand on either a Large (2″) or Huge (3″) base, and measures 5-1/2″ tall to the top of his club.

Details: This is a resin model kit; the body, the tree-trunk club and all three tentacle arms are cast in resin. For absolute highest quality,all resin parts are pressure-cast. A 3″ (Huge) round black base and a 2″ (Large) round black base are included. Painting and assembly required. The main picture shows the Greater Tentaclops with 3 regular Tentaclopses. These are not included with this kit, and are available separately.


The Greater Tentaclops was created as part of the successful Tentacles & Eyeballs Kickstarter project.

Designed and sculpted by Andrew K. Barlow





Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 4 in


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