$22.99 each

28mm scale pewter and resin miniature. Includes a Large sized (2″) black acrylic base.


The Guatherpiller, also known as the Guathi’ Eye Slug, is  rumored to be the result of magical experimentation in crossing a Carrion Worm with an Eye Abberant. All of its eyestalks can fire magical rays, and its smaller tentacles, should anyone ever get that close, all exude a paralytic toxin. For all of this, the Guatherpiller is highly intelligent, and they are always found in subterranean complexes, where they rule their own dungeon level with an iron fist (tentacle). The Guatherpiller sits on a 2″ (Large) base, and measures 53mm to the top of the eyestalks.

Details: This is a resin-and-metal model kit; the base and body are cast in resin as one piece, and the head is cast in lead-free pewter. For absolute highest quality, all metal parts are spin-cast, and resin parts are pressure-cast. Painting and assembly required.

The Guatherpiller was created as part of the successful Tentacles & Eyeballs Kickstarter project.

Designed and sculpted by Andrew K. Barlow

Painted by Erica King and Andrew K. Barlow





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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 4 in


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