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Mutant Mayhem Minis Kickstarter is Done

The kickstarter succesfully wrapped up on Oct 16, and progress is well underway on bringing this awesome line of post-apocalyptic minis to all our backers and fans!

If you missed the kickstarter, but still want to get in on the action, you can now PREORDER here on and get the same great deals!

Check it out here: Mutant Mayhem Minis Pre-Order



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Check out the Mutant Mayhem Minis Kickstarter, now running!!

This great miniatures set features a collection of 15 player characters and a bunch of cool monsters, all compatible with Mutant Crawl Classics! This rpg by Goodman games has an awesome old-school ‘Gamma World’ feel, and these minis really capture that.

We’re in our closing days, and have already unlocked several very cool Stretch Goals. Come help us unlock some more!

Mutant Mayhem Minis Kickstarter

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Mutant Mayhem Minis Kickstarter is launching soon!


Dark-Platypus Studio is pleased to announce that our next great Kickstarter Project: Mutant Mayhem Minis: RPG Post-Apocalyptic Figures for MCC, will launch this Thursday 9/13 at 7:00 pm eastern standard time!

The set contains 15 really cool character figures compatible with the Mutant Crawl Classics role-playing game published by Goodman Games, and a collection of awesome bad guys too!

Please stay tuned for more information, or like us on Facebook for all the latest news!